Episode XLI: No more Petty w/ WeOvaEast

Explicit Episode XLI: No more Petty w/ WeOvaEast

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On this episode we open with "In The News" discussing Tory Lanez and Meg The Stallion situation and more. We are joined by WeOvaEast a trio repping Chicago's Eastside featuring ABoog, JG, and DG. The guys discussed letting go of petty ways and dealing with it amongst the circle, in addition to the interview in which they detail where and how they met, all the work their doing and what we can expect from them. #DontSleep


  1. 00:23
    In The News (Meg & Tory, Arab & Briah Banks suspended?, Breonna Taylor's killer)
  2. 08:54
    Letting go of Petty topic W/ WeOvaEast
  3. 23:43
    WeOvaEast Interview


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